How App2serve and Toyoraljanah baby created the best website ever!

TV channel specialized in children's programs broadcasts over Nilesat 11315 vertical, that targets the Arab and Muslim children, the channel exceeds millions of views by children and parents because of the excellence of its programs and diversity of content that attracts wide variety of ages.

The choice of the name "Toyoraljanah", a slogan yearning to entice children to walk on the road to paradise.

The Concept


We start with a detailed wireframe... this allows us to link together pages and page elements, with flawless functionality. Throw in some cool graphics - along with a little App2serve magic - and we're on track for the ultimate user experience!


Here we wanted to welcome users in with a clean, functional home page. It needed to be easy to use, and fun to interact with.

Meet The Babies

Introducing a whole family of Toyor Baby

The final Website

We at App2serve are pushing ourselves every day to build the most unique experince ever.

What we did

Smart Media Filters

We reinforced our amazingly created UI with the ease of navigation ,We don't want our precious kids to get lost nor get bored

Each and every element has a unique interaction feedback , all controls animates and plays interactive sound

Hover Me

Nicely responsive media cards. "Musical" shows with music
pagination never gets old , especially when talking about performance
Search directly for your content , everywhere every time
Smart toggles are amazing , one click and everything comes to your desire
categories are lovely to kids , reinforced with visual icons

Easy Listing

Cards are very efficient when abstracting your rich content into functionally beautiful UI elemnts

Hover Hover Hover


We maintained the fun in navigation play
without compromising the functionality

Clear yummy arrows , with clear action feedback
Navigational bullets to make it even easier

Responsive Like never before !

Well , yes. Toyor very rich website can be responsive, and this is what we are called gurus for

We are selectively drawing elements or using images depending on what device is browsing the site. this reduced the overhead and maintained the same rich look and feel on each and every device

Elements Manipulation For The Best

When serving on mobiles , much of your decision are critical. We accepted the challange and made all complex operation easy on every device

Experience Sophistication

Mobile devices is as fun as equal desktops. Why not to make a prefect sophisitcation then? 3D cards here is an example

iPad View

We promised , no matter your device is , we will be serving it without compromises.


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